Product description:  A D shaped ring used for a large variety of applications for various products.  They are also available in different materials, sizes, and thickness.

D rings and D ring Straps

Alternate product names:  D bar, D ring with clip, metal dees, plastic dees, utility ring, collar ring, belt ring, mounting ring

Common materials:  The D-ring used the most is made of nickel plated steel.  Other D-rings used are made of plastic, stainless steel, solid brass, zinc die cast, and with clip for anchoring leather or strapping.  Size options almost seem endless, but different manufacturers carry different sizes and materials.  These rings are most commonly found attached either singularly or double at the end of webbing/strapping, and used as "utility" straps or double D-ring belts.  The webbing typically used is either Polyester, flat nylonheavyweight polypro,or lightweight polypro.  Here at we offer different sizes, thickness, and materials.  To check out what we have to offer for D-rings, click here.

Common uses:  D-rings are used for so many different projects.  Here's just a few ideas;  dog collars, double D-ring belts, and utility straps.  They could also be used for leg/arm restraint straps, holding up heavy stalks of sunflowers or tomato plants, and a bundling strap for kindling.  Want those belts to be even more fashionable?  Or how about making those utility straps your favorite/company colors?  At we offer not only several colors of webbing, but we can powder coat your hardware different colors as well!  Heat transferring & ink imprinting is just one more option that we offer.  Please contact us for more information on how to personalize your straps/belts at

How to use:  With so many different ways to use the D-ring we recommend that you contact us directly if you have any questions on how to use them.  However, here is the directions for the most common use, a double D-ring belt.  Step 1) thread the webbing/strapping through the loops on your pants  Step 2) Run the webbing through both the D-rings  Step 3)  Bring the webbing back through the middle of the D-rings and pull to desired tightness.  For instructions on other uses, please go to and contact our friendly customer service. 

Common restrictions:  Breaking strengths for D-rings vary from manufacturer, size, thickness, and material.  Plastic D-rings however, do not have a breaking strength because it costs way to much money for manufacturers to have them tested compared to the cost of product.  For the breaking strengths on our D-rings, please give us a call or send us an email so we can help.

Similar products:  There are other products available that serve the same purpose of D-rings, just different shape!  Loops are mainly used as connectors on various straps/belts.  D-rings can also be replaced by the O-ring in any application, belts, utility straps, collars, etc.  Slides cannot completely replace the use of D-rings, but when it comes to belts, utility straps, and securing straps they can.  The loops, O-rings, and slides are also available in different materials and sizes.  For more information on these products please click on the links within the paragraph or contact us.

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